For many patients, the sound of dental drills results in instant anxiety and stress. At Balmain Dentist, we understand that dentist visits can be intimidating and overwhelming – particularly when there are drills involved.

Utilising advanced Waterlase technology, Balmain Dentist eliminates the need for dental drills. We’re able to offer dental care with minimally invasive dental lasers, providing highly precise services without the sounds and sensations of harsh drills.

Why adopt a ‘no pain, no gain’ approach to the discomfort associated with dental procedures and drilling when Waterlase provides a gentle dental experience? Ideal for preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, choose Waterlase for your next dental treatment with Balmain Dentist.

What is Waterlase?

Ditch dental drills and minimise stress with Waterlase. A combination of focused light energy and a precise stream of water, Waterlase offers an effective and less invasive alternative to dental drills. Eliminating the need for dental needles and complicated drilling, Waterlase helps to cut down the time spent at the dentist as well as return appointments.

For convenience, comfort and effectiveness, we rely on the advanced technology of Waterlase.

How Does Waterlase Work?

Waterlase utilises a patented technology of combined focused light energy and a stream of water for a precise, minimally invasive and gentle dental experience.

Cavity Treatment

Most commonly used in cavity treatments, cavity preparations with Waterlase increases bond strength and results in longer-lasting fillings. Waterlase eliminates the need for dental drills, offering a more comfortable and stress-free experience for patients.

Root Canal Therapy

Waterlase cleans and deepens pockets before being sealed, making root canal therapy quicker and less painful. It’s also useful in root disinfection after endodontic treatments.

Dental Implant Surgery

Surgeons utilise Waterlase for easier access to the jawbone with placing dental implants. Offering precision and effectiveness, surgeons can complete procedures without the need for drills. This results in a smoother, quicker and less painful experience for patients.


Waterlase safely reshapes and contours gums, creating a more uniform appearance and reducing the prevalence of a gummy smile. It’s also used to effectively prepare teeth for many cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Periodontal Treatments

Used for periodontal treatments, Waterlase removes debris and bacteria between gums. Minimising risks of bleeding gums, gum recession and loss of teeth, Waterlase removes inflamed and diseased tissue caused by bacteria while working to restore the natural structure of bone. A more comfortable and less invasive alternative to dental drills and needles, pain and discomfort during periodontal treatments is minimised.

Speech Therapy

By gently cutting away at connective tissue and freeing the tongue, Waterlase can be used as part of a speech therapy treatment. Waterlase gives patients the mobility to properly vocalise and communicate effectively.

Minimally Invasive Dental Procedures in Sydney

For a minimally invasive and gentle dental experience, choose Waterlase for your next procedure. Contact Balmain Dentist to find out more about Waterlase for preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Call us on (02) 9555 7959.

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