It’s no surprise. We all have teeth and at some time or another, one has to come out. With this comes some level of pain – but possibly not as much as you think!

Whilst Balmain Dentist is well-known for minimising pain thanks to Flora’s gentle approach, discomfort can still be experienced. So let’s explore the reasons why tooth extraction can hurt and how to manage any soreness.

Regular toothache vs. tooth extraction pain

Regular Toothache

This type of pain is what leads up to your visit to Balmain Dentist. It’s when the root of your tooth has an infection or decay attributed to bacteria, or a broken tooth from sports trauma or an accident. Sometimes an issue within your jaw can cause referred pain in a tooth. Here, Balmain Dentist would get to the bottom of the issue before any tooth extraction occurs.

Tooth Extraction Pain

This is a lingering pain after a dental procedure and there are a number of ways to manage it, as we’ll soon see.

Pain that may be experienced during your procedure

There is usually little pain during a tooth extraction. This is because local anaesthetic is applied once or twice to the area of the mouth where the tooth is to be removed. There’s a slight sting and then your nerves sleep for a short while.

After this, for many people, there’s no pain at all but if you do feel some actual pain, and not just tugging, Flora will take steps to control it.

How long can pain last after tooth extraction?

A caring attitude and gentle tooth removal is the priority at Balmain Dentist but as extracting a tooth impacts the gums, you need to allow about 3 days for gum recovery.

When tooth extraction pain is not normal or is a concern

Some people experience tooth hyper-sensitivity. It’s where hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods cause acute pain. For relief, use toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and avoid the types of foods mentioned that cause the pain.

If you have a continued ache from a pre-existing infection, Balmain Dentist will prescribe you antibiotics and a suitable pain killer.

How to relieve ‘ghost’ toothache

Ghost toothache is a throbbing you feel as nerves send messages to your brain that your tooth is still there – when it isn’t! To manage this, Flora at Balmain Dentist will suggest either pain medication, ice pack treatment or possibly even acupuncture.

Pain Management

Everyone’s pain threshold is different. Often paracetamol or ibuprofen are all that’s needed for strong tooth extraction pain. Your body does adapt to pain, so give it time. Be kind to yourself and you may need nothing at all! It’s also a good idea to rinse your mouth with salty water about every 24-hours.

At the forefront of excellent pain management after tooth extraction is having the right dentist and environment. Balmain Dentist has created a soothing atmosphere thanks to an emphasis on nature and Flora’s easy way with her clients. She’s a master at putting you at ease and has a thorough understanding of all dentistry.

If you have a toothache, why put off treatment when you have one of the best dentists in Sydney’s inner west ready to help you? Please call today to discuss your issue with Balmain Dentist – 9555 7959.

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