Fixed braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment used to straighten teeth. They are one of the most effective ways of achieving fine detail and giving you a perfect smile.

Once healthy teeth and gums have been established in our patients one of the next steps is to thoroughly examine any structural issues in the mouth that could be contributing to any problems they are experiencing. Issues such as crowding of the teeth, restricted breathing, underbites or overbites or various other flaws of the teeth and jaw may improve with the correct positioning and straightening of the teeth. Dental braces are often used in conjunction with a variety of other orthodontic appliances to assist in widening the palate and jaws and shaping the teeth.

The advantage for patients of early detection of orthodontic problems, particularly in children is that some of the problems may be easier to correct if they are found and treated early. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment and at Balmain Dentist, Dr Flora Galoustian’s expertise in orthopedic orthodontics will ensure a positive outcome for your dental treatment plan.

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