It is important to visit the dentist with your child in the early years of their life. Preventative orthodontics are great treatments for children under the age of twelve years. We assess the pattern of growth of the upper jaw, taking into consideration any underlying issues such as large adenoids, tonsils, tongue, thumb sucking, nasal septum deviation all of which can contribute to constricted upper jaw development.

Early detection and treatments are paramount to ensure the healthy development of the upper and lower jaw and mitigate conditions such as sleep apnea, ADHD, asthma and high blood pressure. By using very simple orthodontic appliances as well as addressing the underlying issues most of these conditions can be rectified or improved.


Types of Preventative Orthodontics

Band and Loop Space Maintainer

This is often applied when space needs to be maintained for single primary first or second molars that have been unilaterally lost. It is made up of a wire loop which maintains the space and a band. This can be used in either the mandibular or maxillary arch.


Lower Lingual Holding Arch

This piece of structure is applied in the mandibular arch when bilateral space maintenance is needed after a person has lost their deciduous molars or canines. They are usually soldered into bands on the primary permanent molars of the individual’s teeth.


Nance Holding Arch and Transplatal Arch

The Nance Holding Arch, used on the maxilla, is applied in order to maintain space between teeth. Its wire is attached to the permanent first molar bands and will extend up to the anterior palate. The Transplatal Arch or TPA is applied for similar purposes and is being used by some practitioners today.


Tongue Crib and Tongue Rake

Habits such as tongue and finger thrusting have a potential to lead to some serious consequences if this continues once permanent teeth have come out. The results of it can include the narrowing of a person’s maxillary arch and having open bites. This appliance is used to help in preventing this habit at its early stages and make corrections to the malocclusion.


Why Get Help

The advantage for patients in the early detection of orthodontic problems, particularly in children is that some of the problems may be easier to correct if they are found and treated early. Using orthodontic braces early on is important to avoid problems with the teeth that can take a longer and more costly to fix.

There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment and at Balmain Dentist, Dr Flora Galoustian’s expertise in orthopaedic orthodontics will ensure a positive outcome for your dental treatment plan.

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