What to Consider When Looking For Orthodontics in Sydney

With so many dentists practicing orthodontics in Sydney, how do you find yourself sitting in the chair of the ‘right one’? Everyone agrees that they must have mastered their profession. Some earned industry memberships go a long way too.

Then there’s what doesn’t come on a certificate – an approachable and gentle nature. After all, you will be inviting them into the inside of your mouth!

Balmain Dentist is all this and more with a sterling reputation as a five star dentist to the Inner West, and at its helm is Dr Flora Galoustian.

Providing a range of options is a pivotal part of delivering outstanding orthodontics in Sydney. We help you understand a procedure and ensure you feel comfortable through the entire process.

We also specialise in the latest orthodontic advances including Invisalign. Still highly effective in straightening crooked teeth, there is far less discomfort and a marked cosmetic improvement during treatment.

There are certainly a large number of dentists practicing orthodontics in Sydney. For a true professional that’s in the heart of the Inner West, look no further than Balmain Dentist. To discuss your dental treatment, call us today on 9555 7959.

Fixed Braces

Used for straightening teeth, fixed braces are one of the most common orthodontic treatments available. Effective and affordable, fixed braces allow you to achieve fine details and results for a balanced, straight and perfect smile. Fixed braces can be utilised to correct teeth crowding, restricted breathing, misaligned bites and uneven teeth placement and are often used in conjunction with additional orthodontic appliances for a complete alignment. Ideal for any stage of life, Balmain Dentist offers advice for creating and fitting of braces for patients of all ages.


Preventative Orthodontics

Preventative orthodontics should be a consideration for parents with children under twelve.

Childhood is a time when the teeth are still developing. As issues present themselves, Balmain Dentist, under the soft hands of Dr Flora Galoustian, rectify and improve issues using trusted and simple-to-use orthodontic appliances.

We assess the pattern of growth in the jaw. Any underlying concerns such as lack of space for tooth growth, large adenoids, thumb sucking and nasal septum deviation can be detected early and treated with a dental plan.

Early detection and treatments can go a long way to avoiding longer, more costly treatments later on for diagnoses such as sleep apnoea, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), asthma and high blood pressure.

Invisalign and Braces

Invisalign is a revolution in teeth straightening. It’s perfectly suitable for adult treatment as well as for children.

Treatment consists of a series of virtually invisible aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. A gentler mouth experience begins the moment you start to wear the aligners. There’s less cosmetic impact compared to metal braces. Mouth irritation is minimal. You can remove the aligners during a meal and for cleaning. With Invisalign, you get the same result with less emotional and physical impact.

Balmain Dentist – renowned for their orthodontics in Sydney – is an expert in applying and maintaining Invisalign. We understand the value of a great smile. That’s why Dr Flora Galoustian would love to meet with you today. For an appointment, please call 02 9555 7959.

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Why Choose Balmain Dentist For Orthodontics in Sydney

It only takes one great dentist to show you just how easy the experience can be. We’ve found her, in the form the much-loved Dr Flora Galoustian.

Practicing for over 30 years, Dr Galoustian has travelled the world to master the latest dental advances. Now she is preferred choice in the Inner West for preventative dentistry, orthodontics in Sydney and developmental dentistry for children.

Using revolutionary treatments such as Invisalign and Waterlase laser cavity treatment, Flora thrives on delivering the best possible care to her patients. She’s now inviting you into her rooms. To discuss your dental treatment, call Balmain Dentist today on 9555 7959.

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