Achieving a straight, healthy and gleaming smile isn’t just about aesthetics. Crooked teeth and misaligned bites can increase your risk of oral diseases and infections. At Balmain Dentist, we provide a variety of orthodontic treatments aimed at aligning smiles to improve self-esteem and minimise chances of complications and dental conditions.

More than just for aesthetics, our dentists explain the three main benefits of orthodontic treatments and how they impact your health.


Straightening Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth aren’t always a dental problem, and many people choose to forgo orthodontic treatment. By straightening crooked teeth with orthodontic treatments, you help to minimise gaps or overlaps between your teeth. This results in enhanced overall oral health, simpler dental care practices and lowered risks of bacteria or food becoming stuck.


Aligning Teeth

With our orthodontic treatment planning, we’re able to assist in aligning teeth effectively. Our range of braces, Invisalign options and orthodontic techniques help to align unevenly spaced or positioned teeth. Not only for aesthetics, aligning your teeth aids in improving your oral health, assists with even chewing and minimises damage from grinding or clenching.


Correcting Bites

Orthodontic treatments are commonly used for correcting misaligned and narrow bites. By alleviating stress on teeth and the jaw, correcting bites can minimise headaches, jaw aches and complications stemming from over or under bites.

Misaligned Bites

When teeth overlap, rotate or grow in the wrong position, it’s most often caused by a misaligned bite. If left untreated by an orthodontist, misaligned bites result in teeth crowding. Accompanied by pain and discomfort, individuals with misaligned bites often experience difficulty in brushing and flossing properly. This leads to an increased chance of developing tooth decay and gingivitis.


Narrow Bites

If you’re experiencing difficulty chewing or are grinding and clenching your teeth, you may have a narrow bite. Caused by a top arch that’s narrower than your bottom arch of teeth, a narrow bite means that your teeth can never set and align properly. Able to be corrected by spacers, expanders and other orthodontic treatment, we can correct a narrow bite with relative simplicity and minimal discomfort.


Invisible Braces

Becoming increasingly popular for both teenagers and adults, invisible braces offer a discreet solution for aligning bites and teeth. At Balmain Dentist, we use industry-leading Invisalign treatments to transform bites and teeth gradually. Requiring a series of aligners to move your teeth over time, Invisalign offers a completely invisible and comfortable way to achieve the effects of braces without the obvious appearance.

Chat to your dentist about pricing and treatment options using Invisalign invisible braces.


Experienced Orthodontist in Sydney

Patients with misaligned bites or teeth often experience an increased chance in the build up of plaque and food between your teeth. Resulting in more bacteria and less effective brushing, chances of periodontal and gum disease rise. In order to avoid tooth decay, excess tooth enamel wear, gum and bone loss and TMJ/TMD pain, we recommend resolving orthodontic issues early.

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