A tooth ache can be excruciating, disruptive and eventually dangerous if not treated properly. Unfortunately, one of the best remedies for relieving tooth pain has a bad reputation, and is often dismissed as an option by many patients. It’s important not to undermine the advantages of root canal therapy when exploring treatment options or before opting for a tooth extraction. Instead it’s beneficial to consider the best treatment for alleviating tooth pain and understand that root canal treatment can be the best possible procedure, as it will treat the pain and allow you to keep your tooth long term. Tooth extraction, is always a last resort.

Root canal treatment is incorrectly believed to be an invasive and complicated process but it is actually very simple and pain free, especially compared to the alternatives. It is performed under a local anesthetic by your dentist, who will carefully create a tiny hole in the tooth and use small files to clean out the damaged canal that is attached to the pulp, ensuring that it is thoroughly disinfected. The tiny hole is then sealed. Posteriorly, a dental crown is fitted to protect the tooth. The myth that a root canal is painful has been debunked over the years, as advancements in medicine have evolved it into a comfortable and quick procedure.

The need for a root canal comes when a tooth has experienced a deep cavity resulting in nerve exposure, a filling has become loose and crumbled, or after the tooth has died. While most people believe a root canal is only necessary if they are experiencing pain, it is important to understand that once a tooth is dead, it is no longer painful, but the infection might still be present. A dentist is able to test and check if this is the case, and use root canal therapy to save the tooth from being extracted.

In the event that a tooth ache or infection goes untreated, there is a possibility that harmful bacteria can penetrate the gums, potentially travel through the body and cause more serious health problems. Root canal treatment has the added benefit of protecting a patient’s overall health as it treats and eliminates infection.

There is no need to be fearful of root canal treatment. The next step is to establish whether or not that is the best treatment for your ailment. Balmain Dentist, Dr. Flora Galoustian is extremely professional and gentle when ensuring your optimum oral and overall health. She is here to assist and guide you through the process of a root canal treatment. For a consultation or more information, she is on hand to answer any questions and relieve the nagging and invasive pain caused by a tooth ache. Get in touch today to find out more.

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