It’s no secret that dental hygiene and regular check-ups at the dentist can minimise the need for dental fillings but in some cases, fillings will be required, particularly in the back molars where most of the wear and tear occurs during our lives. Dental fillings are used to repair teeth and treat any tooth decay.

Thankfully, the tooth filling procedure is virtually painless today with modern advances in dentistry. The process of a filling involves removing the decay from the tooth, cleaning and drying the cavity and then sealing it with a composite material.


What to Expect with Your Dental Filling Appointment

You should expect this treatment to last about an hour in your dentist’s office. This time will allow them to take the required x-rays, educate you about the procedure and accomplish the dental work needed. Before a dentist fills a cavity, they will have to numb the gums, teeth and surrounding skin to prevent and lower the discomfort felt during the treatment. The dentist will then drill away the tooth decay and replace this with a filling.

After that, your mouth will stay numb for a few hours. There are no risks associated in filling cavities but you should still make sure that you have your dentist’s phone number on hand in case there are any complications.


Types of Dental Fillings

Amalgam – This type of filling has long been used by dentists around the world and is the material that has been most researched to fill cavities.

Composite – These fillings are often referred to as filled resins and are a mixture of quartz or glass filler which can be created to match your tooth’s colour.

Metals – Silver or gold amalgam is the most common metals used in filling cavities. Metal fillings are able to last as long as 15 years before replacements are needed.

Ceramic – A filling made of ceramic has the same colour as the teeth and will less likely have tooth stains as time goes by.


Where to Get Quality Dental Fillings

At Balmain Dentist we use white tooth coloured materials rather than amalgam due to its mercury content and health implications. We also remove old amalgam fillings and replace with new white cosmetic alternatives.

If you are considering this, it is advisable to speak to the dentist about this important decision in detail as there are many pros and cons you need to weigh up. Dr Galoustian is qualified in dental procedures and works with the latest technology to ensure you get the best treatment with minimum discomfort.

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