Dental extraction – it’s a phrase that can trigger alarm in even the bravest man or woman. While the procedure is usually the last resort, sometimes dental extractions are necessary for your comfort, oral health or to assist with cosmetic dental work.

With the technology and knowledge we have today, the procedure need not be feared and at Balmain Dentist we are committed to ensuring all dental procedures are fully explained and carried out with your comfort in mind.


Reasons Why a Dental Extraction is Necessary

There are many reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary. Sometimes tooth decay is so far advanced that the tooth must be removed and replaced with a dental implant. Extraction of impacted or problematic wisdom teeth is also common, as is the removal of teeth to make space for orthodontic treatment.

Here are some other reasons for dental extractions:

  • Some individuals have extra teeth which block the other teeth in their mouth from coming out.
  • There are times where baby teeth don’t fall out at the right time to allow permanent teeth to settle in.
  • People who have accumulated radiation to their neck and head may require their teeth which are in the field of radiation to be removed.
  • Individuals who received drugs for cancer have a chance to develop infected teeth which need to be extracted to avoid weakening of the immune system.
  • After an organ transplant, some teeth might need to be extracted as they can become a source for infection.
  • Third molars or wisdom teeth are usually extracted before they come out. They are very common in the late teens or early 20s of a person. These will have to be removed if decayed since they can become a source of pain, infection or a cyst.


How Dental Extraction Works

Depending on which tooth or teeth need to be removed, your procedure may be performed under local anaesthetic. IV sedation may be used if requested by a patient. Please note for IV sedation a second dentist is required to be present which will add to the cost of treatment.

We take these procedures very seriously and have processes in place to monitor and manage bleeding, swelling and infection.


Visit Balmain Dentist for Dental Extractions

Removal of a tooth or teeth requires careful consideration and professional advice. If you’re unsure about a diagnosis or wish to discuss all the options available to you then please phone Dr Flora Galoustian at Balmain Dentist to discuss in detail. We are happy to evaluate your problem and help determine the best course of action.

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