Dr Flora believes that healthy teeth and gums and maintaining a beautiful smile begins in childhood. Regular check-ups are important for young patients. Learning good habits for dental hygiene and careful monitoring of the developing dentition in children and teenagers is essential to ensure that the teeth are developing well and coming into position properly.


What is a Pediatric Dentist?

The job of a pediatric dentist is to provide oral health to children starting from infancy all the way up to their teenage years. These professionals are experienced and qualified to care for the teeth, gums and mouth of a child throughout the different stages of their childhood.

A child will start to get their baby teeth in the first 6 months of their life. Between the ages 6 and 7, their first set of teeth will start to fall out. These will eventually be replaced by secondary or permanent teeth. If proper dental care is not provided, children can experience oral disease and decay in their mouths. This can cause a lot of pain and complications later on.


Types of Treatments Pediatric Dentists Provide

A pediatric dentist is capable of providing complete oral health care which includes:

  • Oral health exams which include the risk assessment for caries in the child and mother.
  • Fluoride and cleaning treatments as preventative dental care, together with diet and nutrition recommendations.
  • Counselling for bad habits such as thumb sucking and pacifier use.
  • The repair of tooth defects or cavities.
  • The identification of oral conditions related to diseases such as congenital heart defect, diabetes, hay fever, asthma and more.
  • Management of gum conditions and diseases including pediatric periodontal disease, short frenulum, ulcers and more.
  • Provide care for dental injuries such as fractured, knocked-out or displaced teeth.

All children, from as early as the age of six years may benefit from an orthodontic evaluation. Early detection of any issues such as a constricted and narrow jaw, crowded teeth, retruded narrow chins and breathing problems amongst others is of paramount importance to oral health and comfort.


Where Can I Find a Children’s Dentist Today?

Dr Flora Galoustian is a passionate advocate of good oral health beginning in childhood ensuring a healthy mouth and jaw development into adult life. At Balmain Dentist, we are a family oriented dental clinic that ensures you and your children’s visit to our dentist are as relaxing as possible.

For an appointment to discuss the care of your child’s developing teeth, call Dr Flora today on 02 9555 7959.

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