Think you know the difference between a dentist and a dental surgeon in Sydney? A dental surgeon is the safe pair of hands you call on when oral surgery is required.  Procedures managed by a dental surgeon can range from the simpler removal of a tooth to implant procedures and facial cosmetic surgery.

The dental surgeon in Sydney’s inner west, at the very top of her game, is Flora Galoustian of Balmain Dentist. Today we explain some of her most common dental procedures.

What are Dental Procedures

A filling

This is where a hole or cavity in your tooth is filled with composite resin, dental cement, gold or porcelain.

Tooth extraction

Performed because a tooth is too decayed or damaged to stay in the mouth. Also used for a crowded mouth.

Dental bonding and veneers

Both procedures beautify imperfect teeth by adhering a hardened tooth-coloured resin over or onto the affected teeth.

Fixing a crown

Used to strengthen and beautify a tooth that is weak or has lost its original shape.

Treating periodontal (gum) disease

From scaling, or root planing, to other treatments designed to stop gum and jawbone loss.

Aligning teeth

Achieved via the very successful Invisalign method.

Replacing lost teeth with a denture

Achieved via full dentures that rest on your gums, partial dentures that attach to other teeth or implant-retained dentures that are fixed to your jaw.

Dental implants and bridges

A series of surgical procedures to fix a new tooth/teeth into your jawbone.

Root canal therapy

A dental procedure (that’s not as painful as many fear) to repair badly decayed or infected teeth.

Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Dental Procedure

Is there a dental surgeon in Sydney who includes nutritional counselling in my treatment plan?

Of course! Good diet is pivotal to a healthy mouth and Balmain Dentist can help.

Why do I need dental x-rays?

So we can see the full extent of your oral health that is not apparent to the naked eye and compare changes to your last x-rays.

Why do I have tooth sensitivity?

This can be because of thinning tooth enamel, receding gums, tooth grinding, chipped or fractured teeth, or broken fillings.

Why do I need dental implants?

Dental implants give you a better functioning mouth, replacing missing teeth. They also stop surrounding teeth from moving or loosening.

Should I be using mouthwash regularly?

Mouthwash is excellent for combating gingivitis, tooth sensitivity and cavities, while freshening breath.

What are the benefits (and possible risks) of the treatment?

Flora will always discuss the entire procedure, including all costs, prior to commencing work.

Is it okay if I seek a second opinion?

Of course. As a well-respected dental surgeon in Sydney, we often give second opinions for non-Balmain Dentist patients.

How Balmain Dentist Can Help You

Balmain Dentist has the long-term experience to take the best action for you, only resorting to dental surgery when no other option is available.

Expertise is one thing but combine that with the easy-going, soothing nature of Dr Galoustian and you’ll see why she is such a popular dental surgeon in Sydney. If you have a dental need, Flora has a solution, so please call today to discuss your issue – 9555 7959.

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