Do you have an important job interview soon and you’re looking to impress? Is there an upcoming event that you want to make your best impression at? Or maybe you just want to feel more confident with the way you smile? If you’re looking for a safe and hassle-free way to improve your smile, our teeth whitening Balmain services can give you the confidence boost you need.

Why Choose Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

A whiter brighter smile is memorable and it can help you feel a whole lot better about yourself and make a lasting impression. Teeth whitening is considered to be one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available.

Over time, our age, lifestyle and the things we do regularly such as smoking, drinking tea, coffee and red wine, can contribute to staining and discolouration of the teeth. Teeth may become darker as minerals breach the enamel surface of the tooth. Teeth can be effectively lightened with specialist products containing hydrogen peroxide. Tooth bleaching is completely safe and improves the appearance of teeth without removing any of the natural tooth substance. At Balmain Dentist we offer several types of teeth whitening.

What To Expect From Your In-Chair Procedure

In surgery, we offer a quick and effective way of bleaching in just one sitting using the light-activated Zoom! Laser or the Mega White system, effectively lightening your teeth many shades lighter within an hour. A whitening gel is applied to the teeth which are then activated with UV light or laser depending on the procedure. The procedure is repeated two or three times within a sitting, depending on the initial results. Mega White is simply one application. The advantage of the Mega White system is that it is a natural product, with very little tooth sensitivity and is extremely cost effective.

Benefits of a Balmain Dentist Smile Makeover

You can experience several benefits after you’ve had your teeth whitened at our clinic. Firstly, you’ll notice a huge improvement to your smile. Our professional teeth whitening services eliminate persistent stains and will give you a brighter smile unlike ever before. You can choose what shade of white you’d like your teeth to be, unlike at-home whitening treatments. The result is you get the perfect smile for you!

Getting a teeth whitening procedure done at Balmain Dentist is much more effective and safer compared to using over-the-counter teeth whitening products. We offer the best in affordable and effective in-chair whitening & cosmetic services.

You’ll walk out of the surgery with a beautiful white smile, like no other!


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