When a tooth is cracked, damaged or decayed, a crown may be needed. A dental crown preserves the internal portion of a tooth that has large areas of decay, cracks or fractures. The crown acts as a cap, and is a permanent covering placed over the entire surface of the original tooth above the gumline. The function of the crown is to protect and strengthen the tooth, returning the structural integrity and restoring it to its original shape, size and aesthetics.

At Balmain Dentist your crown will be matched to the colour of the surrounding teeth to ensure a natural look. Our crowns are made of zirconium, porcelain, porcelain fused to gold and ceramic material. Occaisionally bridgework is required and this is a series of connected crowns created to replace missing teeth by bridging a gap and using the surrounding teeth as support.

Crown and bridgework is completed in two visits and at Balmain Dentist we ensure your comfort the whole way. During your first visit Dr Galoustian will prepare the tooth for the permanent crown or bridge. Impressions of the teeth are then taken which are then sent to our technicians to create a custom crown or bridge, to ensure good alignment with the other teeth and correct bite once in place. A temporary crown or bridge made out of acrylic resin is put into place over the tooth while the new one is being made – a period of one to two weeks. On your second visit the temporary crown is removed and the new crown or bridge is cemented into place. This visit is short and painless and you’ll walk away with a brand new tooth or teeth and confidence in your smile again.

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