Our Top Three Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

While many of our patients visit Balmain Dentist to improve their oral health or tackle a problem tooth, we also see a number of patients who want to improve the appearance of their smile. At Balmain Dentist, we use various […]

Dental Procedures: What You Need To Know

Think you know the difference between a dentist and a dental surgeon in Sydney? A dental surgeon is the safe pair of hands you call on when oral surgery is required.  Procedures managed by a dental surgeon can range from […]

Caring For Dental Veneers: What You Should Know

To people who have long suffered with the visual imperfections of crooked, stained, worn or gapped teeth, porcelain veneers are one of the answers to gaining an instantly beautiful smile again. Totally transformative for the wearer, and incredibly durable, veneers […]

5 Tips To Choosing The Best Dental Clinic in Balmain

There’s a two-way agreement when you’re inviting someone into the inside of your mouth. You give absolute openness and trust while the practitioner delivers precise expertise and a tender touch. So how do you find the perfect dentist for you? […]

Balmain Community Dental Clinic

Balmain The Most Liveable Suburb in Sydney Seeking a dentist in Balmain? Well look no further than Balmain Dentist. Located in this stunning suburb, Balmain Dentist provides family care with a community focus, all you could ask for from an […]

Drummoyne Community Dental Clinic

Attractions & Community Activities In Drummoyne If you are searching for a dentist in Drummoyne, then you should look no further than Balmain Dentist. We are a family-focused dentist and consider ourselves a proud member of the inner west community. […]

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