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To people who have long suffered with the visual imperfections of crooked, stained, worn or gapped teeth, porcelain veneers are one of the answers to gaining an instantly beautiful smile again. Totally transformative for the wearer, and incredibly durable, veneers still require some TLC to stay gleaming and perfect.

Don’t worry – there’s no unusually demanding regime to be followed. It’s more along the lines of the good dental hygiene that every dentist asks of their patients, along with a few insider tips on what to use.

Snapshot of a Veneer

Veneers are thin porcelain skins that are super-bonded to your teeth. The ‘cement’ we dentists use means veneers should stay on your teeth for decades. They can’t decay and they don’t stain. They can chip or detach if you don’t care for the teeth and gums around them. So what to do and when?

Perfect With a Polish

All our dental veneers in Sydney start out with highly polished surfaces. To maintain the gleam, stick to flossing and brushing twice daily. Then every three months or so, visit Balmain Dentist for a polish. The better your cleaning regime, the longer you can stretch out your polishes.

When Should You Use a Mouthguard?

You’ve just made a great investment in your mouth. Don’t put your dental veneers and natural teeth in jeopardy by running out onto the field, the basketball court or to the boxing ring without a mouth guard. It can save you trauma to teeth and your bank balance!

Alcohol and Dental Veneers

Alcoholic Drinks

How can alcohol lift a veneer off a tooth when we’ve said that veneers stay bonded to teeth for decades? The alcohol slowly wears away the bonding compounds. Over time an unsightly line can appear where the bond is, plus it can deteriorate. So sure, enjoy a drink but please drink moderately, for your overall health as much as the longevity of your veneers.

Alcoholic Mouthwash

It’s the same premise for mouthwash – alcohol accelerates the deterioration of veneer bonds. So seek out a mouthwash (and toothpaste for that matter) with no added alcohol, and don’t rely on mouthwash alone for mouth hygiene.

Toothpaste and Toothbrushes for Veneers

‘Go soft. Brush often’ is our rule for anyone with dental veneers in Sydney. Too-hard bristles will scratch your veneers. Soft bristled toothbrushes are just as effective so don’t fall for harder is better. Go soft and brush often.

For toothpaste, whitening brands are a no-no. They scratch the veneer surface. Firmer bristles can also damage the gum around the tooth which will, in turn, expose the edge of your veneer.

Frequent Check-ups for Dental Veneers in Sydney

You were born with strong teeth. Balmain Dentist is just enhancing their look with the best dental veneers in Sydney. If you adhere to regular check-ups and constant, correct oral care, there’s no reason why you can’t take your brilliant new smile into the many years ahead.

Famous for her soft, personal touch and years of advanced dental experience, Dr. Flora Galoustian understands the value of a great smile. To book your initial consultation, or ask anything about the dental veneer process, please phone Balmain Dentist today on 9555 7959.

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