Balmain Dentist is a successful Sydney dental practice dedicated to not only ensuring teeth look their best but also helping to build a happy and healthy community. Since 1994 Dr Flora Galoustian has doubled as a passionate philanthropist and put her money where her mouth is to build a socially conscious surgery by working with the National Dental Foundation to ensure that underprivileged children, youths and women have pro-bono access to general, cosmetic and preventative dentistry.

Caring For The Community

Helping people through her talents as a dentist is Dr Flora’s joy, as she believes that achieving a happy and healthy smile can aid in improving overall lifestyle by lifting confidence and giving a new life a fresh start. Alongside the National Dental Foundation she works with charities such as Youths Off The Streets, The Matthew Talbot Hostel and the St. Vincent De Paul Society to find those less fortunate who would benefit from continued oral care. She also participated in the Filling the Gap Volunteer Program, where she treated and educated aboriginal communities based in Cairns.

Dr Flora chooses the specific cases she will work on by meeting with those who hold a special place in her heart. She enjoys helping young disadvantaged adults who are eager to join the workforce and want to ensure their smile matches their personality. She also has a soft spot for single mothers, as she feels they are at a disadvantage in today’s society and understands their juggle to care for children while providing for the home and offers to relieve the burden in the best way she knows how, by transforming their lives and smiles.

Both private and pro-bono patients are treated with the same level of care at Balmain Dentist. The premium practice prefers to introduce and maintain oral hygiene and health rather than having to put patients through more invasive procedures due to ineffective care. To prevent the need for future surgery, Dr Flora examines the teeth, bones and gums to rule out disease and gives dietary advice so patients can continue to help themselves in everyday life and avoid any dentistry disasters. She also has as a major focus, early assessment and intervention for children with orthodontic problems.

More Serious Treatments

However for patients who already require more serious treatment, Balmain Dentist works across root canalsfillingswisdom teeth surgery and eradicating gum disease. Dr Flora trained as an oral surgeon at Sydney University before venturing to London to work on Bond Street and has over twenty years experience. But it is not just common known teeth issues that Dr Flora can help with, she is also ready to treat patients with acute pain in addition to treating teeth grinding and issues associated with sleep apnea.

We Love What We Do

Balmain Dentist loves to give back to the local community whether it is through charity or helping new and ongoing patients who also appreciate being treated at a socially conscious practice. Dr Flora is happy to answer any questions about individual and family oral care needs and goals and encourages anyone looking for a more personal experience to contact Balmain Dentist to make an appointment for a consultation.

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