Balmain The Most Liveable Suburb in Sydney

Seeking a dentist in Balmain? Well look no further than Balmain Dentist. Located in this stunning suburb, Balmain Dentist provides family care with a community focus, all you could ask for from an inner west dentist. If you spend any time in Balmain, you will quickly realise why it is such a loved and popular suburb.

What to see in Balmain

One of the most liveable suburbs in the Sydney, and arguably the most liveable of the inner west, Balmain attracts all types of people, from young singles to families to retirees. Sidewalk cafes offer a chance for leisurely catch ups with friends and ample opportunity for people watching. The well-dressed locals rarely have need to leave their peninsular suburb, with organic markets, local florists, and exclusive fashion retailers aplenty. Sophisticated shop Duck Egg Blue is only one of many local gems where visitors have current styles at their fingertips. For those looking to further refine their look, boutique clinic Skin Renu is a must visit location. Offering the latest anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments in a relaxing atmosphere, this smart clinic will leave you looking refreshed and revitalised.

The hilly landscape of Balmain offers a workout on its own after a day exploring this suburb. However, if you are seeking a bit more space head to Balmain wharf. The harbourside parks are excellent for jogging and cycling, while simultaneously providing uninterrupted views of the city from a side not all visitors will see.

Where to eat in Balmain

Whether you are seeking breakfast & coffee or dinner & drinks, Balmain’s food scene is unparalleled. Darling Street is at the heart of the action, a vibrant locale where weekend brunches often turning to full day affairs. Pubs, restaurants, cafes and bakeries combine to offer something for everyone. Those with a sweet tooth won’t want to miss out on a Zumbaron from local patisserie Zumbo – a local take on the classic meringue-based sweet. The endless options in Balmain make it a destination you can enjoy over and over again.

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