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There’s a two-way agreement when you’re inviting someone into the inside of your mouth. You give absolute openness and trust while the practitioner delivers precise expertise and a tender touch. So how do you find the perfect dentist for you?

In the interests of staying impartial to the people of the Inner West, Balmain Dentist has decided to set out the 5 ways to find a Balmain dental clinic and see if you arrive back at our Beattie Street address.

1.   Referrals – ask around about the Best Dental Clinic in Balmain

This is easily the best way to get a short list of the best Balmain dental clinics. Ask family and friends about who they’ve used. Your GP will definitely have an assortment of names.

Some of the best referrals can come from work colleagues who live near you. Then of course there’s a locality search via Yellow Pages. Be open to the suggestions, make up your list and get ready to research.

2.   Research

Once you start fact-finding, the really good Balmain dental clinics float to the top of the list. Conduct internet searches of a dentist’s credentials. Read some reviews. Check certificates and how much learning they’ve gleaned from extensive study abroad.

Are they a member of industry associations? If they’ve been invited onto a board, it means others see real value in their knowledge and ability.

Always check that there’s no complaints or disciplinary action against them and make sure they do what you require. For example, if you’re after aligners to straighten some teeth, you’ll need orthodontic work, not just dentistry.

3.   Qualifications

A dentist must be registered with the Dental Board of Australia. This means they’ll have completed anywhere between five to seven years of study.

If you have any questions, consult the Dental Board or speak to the staff at a dentist’s office. If they seem uncomfortable in answering your questions, or you’re left with an uneasy feeling, perhaps they’re not the right fit for you.

Your private health insurer can also have information relating to a dentist’s qualifications.

4.   Personality type – do they suit you?

Your idea of the best dental clinic in Balmain could come down to their personality, so have a meeting with your prospective dentist. Some people prefer one gender over another.

Dentists are people too so personality types can vary. It’s not a problem to keep searching until the right persona clicks with yours.

5.   Health fund coverage – know yours

Quite often your choice comes down to the cost factor. If you have private health insurance, know what you’re covered for. Ask to see their price list. If you don’t have private cover, do they offer any government rebates?

Having an open relationship with your dentist about costs will ease the burden of dental surprises down the track.

Most importantly, don’t wait for an emergency to find a new dentist. Plan now and avoid disappointment. Besides, regular visits to the dentist should head off most emergencies.

Balmain Dentist welcomes all of your inquiries. We believe we are the best dental clinic in Balmain. Lead by the hugely respected and heavily qualified Dr Flora Galoustian, we use modern techniques, and specialise in the latest orthodontic advances and we understand the value of a great smile!

That’s why Flora would love to meet with you today. For an appointment, please call 02 9555 7959.

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