There’s quite a lot of conjecture going around about wisdom teeth and when it’s necessary, if at all, to remove them when your child has braces. Today, there are new ways of thinking around wisdom teeth removal in Sydney so Balmain Dentist is going to set the story – and many teeth – straight, once and for all.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge through the gums. Sitting at the very back of the jaw, they were previously known as third molars. They were renamed wisdom teeth because they came through much later in life, usually between 17 and 21, at the age when wisdom was thought to have been attained.

Wisdom teeth don’t assist with chewing food. They serve little purpose at all. Sometimes, a person going through orthodontic work can happily see wisdom teeth emerge and not need to do a thing.

Other times they can present health issues and it’s necessary to remove your wisdom teeth. It all comes down to regular check-ups.

Removal reason #1: They partially emerge and are causing mouth infections

Wisdom teeth don’t act like other teeth because they’re the last to arrive. If there’s little room for them, sometimes they’ll not come all the way up. This can cause a flap of skin to remain partially over the new tooth which if not kept clean daily will lead to a bacteria build-up.

If you’re wearing Invisalign aligners, it’s imperative to keep your mouth free of infection. This is when you speak to Balmain Dentist for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Removal reason #2: They emerge immediately after completion of orthodontic treatment

You’ve just spent years of time and money investing in a straightening process.

To avoid overcrowding and ensure against the displacement of your newly positioned teeth, it’s highly recommended to remove your wisdom teeth.

Removal reason #3: If signs of crowding occur during orthodontic treatment

It may be a surprise to some people that in the past, as a rule, wisdom teeth were always removed prior to orthodontic work. The thinking today is to leave them where they lie until such time that a problem arises.

An examination is done as aligners are removed to see if there is sufficient space for any emerging wisdom teeth. If not, it would be highly prudent that you speak to Balmain Dentist to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Removal reason #4: If there is proof of impaction of wisdom teeth

Impaction means a wisdom tooth has rooted into the jaw bone, usually because it can’t grow up through the gum. It also means the tooth may protrude at an irregular angle, forcing undue pressure on the surrounding teeth.

Catching this possibility early is an orthodontist’s ultimate goal – especially if you’ve already invested years of time in orthodontic work. When impaction occurs, extraction is required.

A trusted practice for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney is Balmain Dentist. Our principle dentist, Dr Flora Galoustian delivers gentle care with modern techniques, including the revolutionary Invisalign for teeth straightening.

We understand the value of a great smile and would love to meet with you today. For any dental health enquiries, please call 02 9555 7959.

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